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About PTSponsor.com 

Founded in 2007, PTSponsor was created to provide the most up-to-date information about the Physical Therapy Licensure Process, the National Physical Therapy Exam and the Immigration of Physical Therapists into the U.S. We are dedicated to physical therapists only.

Physical therapists can easily access jobs and information all in one place. Our NPTE section provides the latest tips and reviewers available in the market. Our Immigration section differentiates between tourist visa, H1b (non-immigrant working) visa and immigrant (green card) visa. We constantly update our site for the current visa status, processing dates and case status.

Our resources section has 2 very important parts worth mentioning—best states and expense tracker. The “best states” compares the cost of living, salary and license requirements of each state. The expense tracker provides you an estimate of how much you might spend. The tracker calculates the license fees, FSBPT exam fees, English proficiency exam fees and credentialing fees.

We constantly update our articles to provide you the most recent information on –resume writing, retrogression, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), DMP (Deficiency Make-up Program), Median annual wage (salary) for all the states and much more…

Tired of spending countless hours scanning through forums to find the information you need? Visit PTSponsor.com now!