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  Letter: 1 By   J.M. Date Posted 19 Nov 2007

I'm so glad there is finally a website that is so comprehensive and discusses everything I need to know to get me started. Thank you so much.... J. M.

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  Letter: 2 By   A.L. Date Posted 23 Nov 2007

Thank you for developing a free site where we can find tons of information. I have suggestion though, I wish that there is a forum or an e-mail where we can ask question in case we are lost... A.L.

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  Letter: 3 By   Teresa Hasin Date Posted 23 Apr 2008

They told me that there are employers out there who are H1-b cap exempt. Where do we find this information? Who are the employers who are H1-b cap exempt?
  Letter: 4 By   Ava Date Posted 25 Apr 2008

Thanks for including RCM Healthcare in your reviews. Could you also include Integra Rehabilitation of GA and/or St. Johns Healthnet. They seem to have a great offer to foreign educated PTs, it would be nice to have some feedback about them. Thanks again. PTsponsor ROCKS!--ava

We strive our best to contact and evaluate each of these agencies. Please note however, that we prefer to have you use the contact us button located at the bottom of the page. Then, provide us with the contact information of the agency. This will just make it easier for our reviewers.

RCM and Integra are both popular agencies. However, there are other agency requests that we have no way of finding out their contact numbers. This, in turn, will leave us clueless how we can objectively evaluate them.

Thank you so much!---editors ...

  Letter: 5 By   Navanita Purkayastha Date Posted 18 Jul 2008

hello mam.

i have heard about non cap h1b.i would thus like you to guide me  rerarding the employers who does non cap h1 b sponsorship.it shall be again nice if you can tell me where to look for those employers and find them.

mam i would also like to know what have to done to work on a work permit in new york.what should we do her in india so that we cancome to usa and work ona permit.is the permit extendable at all.

i shall wait for a n reply from your side and wiil be obliged for that,




It is very difficult to find employers who are cap-exempt. Not all nonprofit organizations are cap-exempt. The best way to find an employer is to find one who is willing to sponsor you for h1-b.

I do not know what you mean by work ...

  Letter: 6 By   rkishna Date Posted 23 Jul 2008

what is the meaning of cap exeption and other,please anybody explain me properly.thanking you sir/mam porno porno resim porno izle porno sex izle watch free porn
  Letter: 7 By   antonio duremdes jr. Date Posted 04 Nov 2008

Iam to take NPTE. and I'm applying a license in delaware. can i take the npte in california? thank's

Yes you can take the exam in any state.

  Letter: 8 By   kandamoorthy Date Posted 08 Dec 2008

hello sir

               i m a physiotherapist finished pg in neuro, u r site givs us the valuable information regarding us process thanks to u

               still i hav confusion that how to apply 4 credential and where to apply? what is the use of agencies and how to select ?

               whn i finished my ug i attended interview in india conducted by hcmii and at that time i hav less experience they told me to apply 4 iowa i could nt, nw i finished my pg i want to apply to california is it possible?


  Letter: 9 By   ash Date Posted 29 Dec 2008


can you please tell me a few companies that sponsor h1-b visa for a limited permit in newyork.iam planning to take NPTE once i get my visa.i prefer to know agencies that do not involve constant relocations

Private outpatient clinic located in New York, willing to sponsor for H1-b for foreign physical therapists. Please email [email protected] for details.

  Letter: 10 By   suchi Date Posted 25 Jan 2009


I'm planning to take NPTE soon. Can u suggest me some employer who can sponsor my H1, before NPTE, in April 2009..


Job Description :   Busy long established mult-disciplinary clinic in 
Clinton Township, Michigan is looking or an energetic and outgoing PT on a full time basis to treat acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorder patients in a warm and caring atmosphere. Must be a team player poised for growth with a can do attitude. Join a company that will guide you every step of the way to becoming a PT in the USA.  We are offering great rates and competitive benefits packages. Fully paid for visa and green card sponsorships.

Website:  www.TotalHealthSystems.com
Please review our website for more company information. 

Fax resum...

  Letter: 11 By   gangatharan Date Posted 30 Jan 2009

sir im  from india,,i have pg with 5 years experince,,,i would like to do usa prosses,,,so please give me sponsor agences from usa for usa pt job.

Apopka Wellness Center

Contact person: Dr Adlai green
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Apopka, Fla
Phone: 4078860611
Fax: 4078862817

  Letter: 12 By   ssa Date Posted 06 Aug 2009


Thanks for providing this great forum. I am foreign trained PT with a BSPT. I had completed the ICD evaluation for Michigan in 2004 but did not proceed to do the NPTE at that time. I am currently looking at migrating to the states but I am not sure if my previous evaluation would still be valid. I am considering Delaware or Florida as possible states. I have e-mailed ICD a couple of times with no reply.

Can anyone in the know help clarify if I will be able to use the evaluation for these states and what the procedures are.

Also would like to have contacts of employers/egencies sponsoring pospective NPTE candidates for Green cards for either Forida or Delaware.

Many thanks

You should check if Florida and Delaware accepts ICD. For agencies, you can submit your profile to us o...

  Letter: 13 By   angel Date Posted 08 Feb 2009

dear sir/maam,

i would really like to thank you for such great informations you have provided through your site. i have done bachelors in physiotherapy and would like to apply in newyork for H1b visa. but i am confused how to proceed..i would be really grateful if you could tell me whether i can apply for H1b visa this year. and which agency i hav to approach and which hospital should i approach for sponsorship..please d help me..

thank u...

Visit our find jobs section to apply to an employer directly. You can also post your resume by clicking on job seekers. This will allow you to have as many opportunities as possible.

  Letter: 14 By   ansu Date Posted 27 Feb 2009

As we stated on previous letters, please apply through our find jobs section or submit your resume on the job seeker section.

i am planning to take NPTE  soon, i have a credintial evaluation for michigan state, can u suggest me some good employer who will sponsor my H1B in this april 2009,.
  Letter: 15 By   ansu Date Posted 27 Feb 2009

how much educational and professional credit hour required for lusiana state, i have a credintial for michigan,

You have to check with the state board. Their contact numbers are found on the section resources, click on best states, and you can contact them directly.
  Letter: 16 By   Joe Bernard Date Posted 07 Mar 2009

     I am a PT, Bachelors with more than 7 yrs Experience currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in PT (1yr) I have also done a 6 mnths General Education course with 46 credits.I scored 91 in TOEFL iBT aspiring to work in U.S.
I went tru ur site its a hub of informations which is very useful and also it provides all the needed information and guidance.
In "states n a snapshot" i came to know the 3 states which doesnt require TOEFL and also provide Temporary License.  I would like to confirm, as I heard earlier that no states offer Temporary License anymore and also one need "Visa Screen Certificate" for which TOEFL is needed. Kindly please give me clarification and further detail about how to process for the state of Delware.
I am very greatful to you for providing such a wonderful pea...
  Letter: 17 By   lenard acena Date Posted 19 Mar 2009

Thank you so much for putting up a site like this. It' informational, but i think it's not as updated as it should be. Anyway, it's still one of the best sites for foreign trained PT's
wanting to work in the U.S. Tha nk you again and may God bless you for your efforts.

We try our best to update this site and offer more features to our users. We would like to request help from all our readers to submit their own articles, agency reviews and other updates that will benefit their fellow therapists.---Editors of PTSponsor.com
  Letter: 18 By   sahu Date Posted 28 Mar 2009

hello sir or madam:
                               i am an international physical therapist from india,presently i am in USA holding as a F1 visa, pursuing  my master in sports health science concentrated to sports injury management in georgia.i have a credential evaluation for michigan state board of physical therapy. i am planning to do internship on summer, so can u suggest me some good health care companies  or hospitals who offer paid internship for students. so that i can process my application.

Thank you

Currently, we do not have any companies on our list who offer paid internship.

  Letter: 19 By   Roland Tolentino Date Posted 21 Apr 2009

I am Roland  Tolentino from Philippines. I would like to inquire if they sponsor foreign trained PTA's for H1b visa? I am a Bachelors degree holder as a physical therapist but right now I do hold  PTA's  licensed in New York State. I am also eligible to take the NPTE for PT's.
Thank you and good day!
You can be sponsored because you are eligible for NPTE. However, they do not sponsor H1b for PTAs. H1b requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. They can sponsor you as a therapist; not as an assistant.
  Letter: 20 By   navanita Date Posted 21 Apr 2009

hello mam

This is my third letter to you.till date i have got very good guidence and a fast reply from your end which has provoked me to write another letter ,asking clearing a dought i have regarding 1-94.

I am right now in b1 visa and my 1-94 is expiring on 10 june.i am planing to extend my 1-94 after that for atlest couple of months.my actual visa stamped is for an year till next feb.i want to know when i send my application for an extension of visa,the time period till i come to know weather my visa extension is granted or denied,will i be out of status.

next in between this period can i apply for an h1b non cap.

I hope to get a reply from your end soon.this website has been a great treasure of information,and i fell very happy that atlst there is an website which gives corrct and accurate in...

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