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Physical Therapy Licensure

In order to apply for a license, you should:

  1. Choose the state you want to practice
  2. Request your FREE application packet from the state board

The FSBPT website contains a list of all the contact information of all the state boards in the United States. You need to find out 3 things since these vary from state to state.

  • the credentialing agency - every state has specific requirements for the number of hours in each subject and the breakdown of clinical requirements. Each state also has specific credentialing agencies they work with.
  • proficiency exams - TOEFL, TSE, TWE.  For more information, visit their website at www.ets.org
  • visa screen certificate requirement
    Physical Therapists are now required to present a visa screen with applications for H1B approval. Currently there are two sources for the Visa Screen for Physical Therapists. Visit their website at www.cgfns.org and www.fccpt.org
  • FCCPT Suspends Type II Visa Screen Process Effective September 1, 2009. Read more at http://www.fccpt.org/download/Suspend_Type_II.pdf. Please use Comprehensive Credentials Evaluation (Type I Certificate) for USCIS Healthcare worker Certificate, Licensure, CMS certification, educational admissions. FCCPT has been re-approved by USCIS to issue Healthcare Worker Certificates for an additional 5 years, through 2015.
  1. Apply for an alternate identification number (AIN)- AIN applications are processed within 5 business days of receipt. In cases where a candidate cannot obtain a Social Security Number, an Alternate Identification Number (AIN) may be obtained from FSBPT. After you have filled out the application, mail it to FSBPT. The issuance of an Alternate Identification Number (AIN) is solely for the purpose of registering for examinations or services through the FSBPT when a candidate cannot obtain a Social Security Number (SSN).
  2. Contact FSBPT to register for an exam. Once FSBPT is contacted and confirmed to take the exam they will send you an "authorization to test". You have 60 days to take the exam.
  3. Contact Prometric to schedule an exam. You can only take the exam in United States. Make sure you have the appropriate visa to go to the United States. Visas are granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Applications are made on an appointment basis each working day or via drop-off method for certain categories of applicants. For further details, see our visa section.


Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
124 West Street South • Third Floor • Alexandria,VA 22314

Phone: 703-299-3100 • fax: 703-299-3110

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

“Before contacting the USCIS, USCIS may be able to help you if you have a question about immigration procedures, or need clarification, by calling the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833). This toll-free call center has additional information and, during their specified office hours, can connect you to live assistance in English and Spanish. The NCSC will be able to answer most questions - although they cannot provide information about the status of your case over the telephone.”

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