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PTSponsor allows all registered users to take 30 exams in 3 months for $30.00 only!

     Here is how it works:

  1. Register on our website for a small fee of $30.00 
  2. Once registered you can take the exam.
  3. All questions, answers and rationales (if available) can viewed immediately after the exam (not the missed questions only). You can view all the questions or one question at a time. You are allowed unlimited takes on each exam, until you pass (75%). Your account will expire in 3 months from the time you registered and pay.  

The fee for taking the online exams is $30.00. You are allowed unlimited takes on each exam, until you pass (75%). Your account will expire in 3 months from the time you registered and pay.  If you want to try our exam first, we have included a free practice exam with 25 questions. All you have is to register above, log-in and choose the "FREE PRACTICE TEST".

After you pay the registration fee, you will have access to 2-200 item exam just like the National Physical Therapy Exam, 28- 50 item exams categorized by topic and 1- 25 item free practice exam. See our terms for more information. PTSponsor Exam consists of 30 exams. 

THE PTSPONSOR SIMULATED EXAM:  (200 questions) corresponds to the 13 topics on the New 2008 Content Outline for the NPTE. The thirteen topics are 1. Cardiac, Vascular, and Pulmonary Systems (23 questions); 2. Musculoskeletal (36 questions); 3. Neuromuscular and Nervous System (34 questions); 4. Integumentary (14); 5. Metabolic and Endocrine (8); 6. Gastrointestinal (4); 7. Genitourinary (4); 8. Multi-system (16); 9. Equipment and Device (10); 10. Therapeutic Modalities (12); 11. Safety, Protection and Professional Roles (15); 12. Teaching and Learning (11) and 13. Research and Evidence-Based Practice (13)

28 TOPIC EXAMS: You will also get 50 questions for each of the thirteen topics listed above. This will help you focus on your weak areas. This is probably the most important and powerful technique of all. Most people often put off a task until a large block of time becomes available. This is very inefficient because large blocks of time do not frequently become available. You can only learn a limited amount before you get tired. You will not have frequent repetition. This is why we created 28 topic exams which will allow you to focus on one topic and just cut off 1 hour of your time each day to review.

1 FREE PRACTICE EXAM: This consists of 25 questions. We are very confident that you will find our exams helpful that we are letting you try our  Simulated Exams with Answer Rationales. 

We have compiled a database of more than 2000 questions. This means that you will be taking a different exam every time. Please click on this link to see the references we used to create the exams.

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Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above, or Safari 2.0 or above. (Users of 64-bit Internet Explorer 7, please try a different browser)
JavaScript and Cookies must also be enabled.
Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X or Linux.
2GHz or faster processor
1GB of RAM or more recommended
1,024x768 display (1,280x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
Broadband Internet connection recommended

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy develops and administers the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) for both physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in 53 jurisdictions. It is five and a half (5 1/2) hours long for 250 items exam. Each examinee is given a different set of exam even if you take the exam at the same time.

NPTE is required for all physical therapists, no matter where they are trained, to work in the U.S. It is a national exam, and the results are accepted in all fifty states, and never has to be taken again. It requires an authorization to test (ATT). You will get an ATT when you have been accepted by the state.

Content Outlines In Effect March 1, 2008
PT Content Outline